Rochdale Health Centre

Render Systems

We provide all types of Render Systems.

Rendering has changed considerably in the last 10 years, and we have adopted these changes.  At GWN we provide all types of render systems from Webber, Wetherby, STO Rend, Prorend K REND and many others.  We are approved installers for most systems on the market.  What can we offer that is different from other rendering companies?  Basically we stop the need to let the render pack separately and, as a result, we can speed up the installation period required on site, and given that weather is the determining factor, it makes sense to get on with it!  We also carry out the traditional rendering systems including Pebble Dashing, Tyrolean, Ashlar Jointing and others.


At GWN we carry out a considerable amount of renovation work and are able to replicate any rendered finish you may require.


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